Akiva Korn


Akiva Korn, M.Med.Sc., D-ABNM  holds the position of Director of the Surgical Neurophysiology Services at the Tel-Aviv University Medical Center, Israel. The service is affiliated with the Division of Neurosurgery, directed by Prof. Zvi Ram, and the Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery, directed by Prof. Shlomi Constantini. 

Leading a team of eight additional neurophysiologists, the service provides real-time neural assessment using electrophysiological methodologies including evoked potentials, electrocorticography end electromyography during complex neurosurgery including spine, spinal cord, peripheral nerve and complex lesional and non-lesional brain surgery including epilepsy. 

Akiva earned both basic and graduate degrees in neuroscience from Bar-Ilan University and Ben-Gurion University respectively, and underwent a two year fellowship in surgical neurophysiology in the United States under the auspices of Prof. Joseph Danto in New York. 
Akiva regularly participates in national and international meetings, congresses and instructional courses on the subject of surgical neurophysiology as an invited lecturer, and has authored and co-authored dozens of original articles and book chapters on the subject of intraoperative neurophysiologic mapping and monitoring in neurosurgery. His service also receives with warmth guest neurophysiologists, neurosurgeons and neurologists from around the world for instructional direction and collaboration in research projects.

His main research interests lay in innovative and novel intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring and mapping methodologies applied in adult and pediatric brain surgery.