Giannantonio Spena

from December 2011
Consultant at the Division and Clinic of Neurosurgery, Spedali Civili and University of Brescia, Brescia, Italy 

October 1999
Graduated “cum laude” at the Medical Faculty of the Second University of Naples.
Residency in Neurosurgery at the Clinic of Neurosurgery, University of Genoa. 

November 2005- April 2006
Awake surgery and brain mapping for cerebral tumors in eloquent areas. Prof. H. Duffau, Neurosurgery
Division, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, France 

May 2003- May 2004
Junior Consultant at the Pediatric Neurosurgical Division, G. Gaslini Institute, Genoa, Italy
October 2004 to October 2005
Junior Consultant at the Clinic of Neurosurgery, University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland
June 2006- November 2011
Consultant at the Division of Neurosurgery, Civil Hospital, Alessandria, Italy

from September 2013
Contract professor at the Neurosurgery training program of the University of Milan

from July 2014
Hospital acknowledgment as skull base expert surgeon 

- Glioma surgery with extensive experience in awake surgery and direct brain mapping
- Posterior fossa tumors surgery (routine collaboration with ENT team for lateral skull base approaches)
-    Chiari malformation and syringomyelia surgery

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pagina !3
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Invited speaker
-    VIII° Congresso della Società Italiana di Neurologia e Neurochirurgia  (SNO). Chirurgia dei tumori cerebrali in area eloquente, 24.01.2009, Ospedale Civile, Alessandria

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-    Supratentorial gliomas in eloquent areas: Can we predict extent of resection and functional outcome? EANS 18-21 Ottobre, Madrid, Spagna

-    La siringomielia. Simposio su dolore neuropatico. NH Hotel Torino 23-24 Ottobre, Pfizer

-    Malformazione di Chiari I e Siringomielia: a che punto siamo e dove stiamo andando. Meeting per il 10° anniversario dell’AISMAC (Associazione Italiana Siringomielia ed Arnold-Chiari). 21 Novembre, Palazzo Capris, Torino

-    Approcci laterali al basicranio medio e posteriore. Università di Torino, 10-12 Marzo 2016

- Indicazioni al trattamento chirurgico negli ematomi intracerebrali. “Gestione delle Urgenze in Neurochirurgia”, Fondazione Policlinico IRCCS, Milano, 05.12.2016

-    Far lateral approach and extended pterional approach. 54th W. Laugheed Microsurgical Course, Western Hospital and University of Toronto, Canada. 1-5 Maggio 2017

-    Gliomi cerebrali: strategie terapeutiche combinate. Venezia 25-26 Maggio 2017.


Member of the Advisory Board of the Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences

Member of: 
- Italian Society of Neurosurgery (SINCH)
-    European association of neurosurgical societies (EANS)
-    Congress of Neurological Surgeon (CNS)
-    Section on Tumors (American association of neurological surgeons, AA