Guglielmo Puglisi

Guglielmo Puglisi is a Neuropsychologist at Oncological Neurosurgery Unit of Humanitas Research Hospital (Rozzano).  After graduation with M.Sc. in Psychology in 2010, he started his Ph.D fellowship in neurophysiology studying the effects of attentive and emotional processes in motor resonance response. In the same period, he was trained in neuropsychological assessment at Neurorehabilitation Unit of Humanitas Research hospital (Rozzano). In 2015 started to work as post-doctoral researcher at Oncological Neurosurgery Unit of the same hospital. At present his research interest is focused on how the impairment of social cognition and executive functions affects the quality of life of neuro-oncological patients, with a particular interest in awake surgery and developing new intraoperative tasks aimed at avoiding permanent deficits affecting these functions.